Frozen Chicken in the Instant Pot

  • 4 chicken breasts whole, frozen, boneless
  • 3/4 c chicken broth or water

  1. Put frozen chicken breasts inside your Instant Pot or
    pressure cooker
  2. Add chicken broth (you could use water but my preference is
    using broth for the flavor)
  3. Lock the lid and close your steam valve
  4. Set to manual, pressure, high, for
  5. 4 frozen chicken breasts = 12 minutes
  6. 2 frozen chicken breasts = 10 minutes
  7. (times will vary slightly depending on the size of your
    chicken breasts and if they’re boneless or not, mine were boneless)
  8. Do a 1 minute natural release, then a quick release
  9. Drain liquid and enjoy, or better yet shred right in the pot
    and add sauce to make shredded chicken for sliders or atop rice

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